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Nowdays we don’t have to convince anybody about the importance of a hotel bed and above all its mattress. Whether you stay overnight during holiday in a hotel by the sea or in a buissness hotel for delegation you always wish to get some rest, relax and feel like at home after a busy day full of sensations. You can even state that a well rested guest is a happy guest. In our offer you will find
mattresses of various standards and properties. From the basics
bonnell through pockets for mattresses with latexsoidal foam,
thermoelastic or Kaltschaum. You can also choose a cover that differ in their characteristic with an opiton to revome them for wash.

*if you can’t find a mattress that suits your needs then with a sufficiently large quantity there is a possibility of a model tailored to your needs. Furthermore the cover may be made with your logo integrated in it.